Quinlan ISD to Implement ClickN READ Curriculum

• December 1, 2004 • Comments (0)

Aguora Hills, CA (December 1, 2004) – ClickN’ KIDS announces today that the Quinlan Independent School District, Joe Martin Early Childhood Center, in Quinlan, Texas has chosen ClickN’ READ for use in all Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms. This new program has been made possible by local funding provided by QISD’s Board of Education in support of technology initiatives within the District.

The mission of Quinlan ISD is to ensure that every student receives an effective and appropriate education that prepares him or her to adapt and compete in an ever-changing, technological, complex, and world-wide community. The school board, administration, faculty, and support personnel have a professional commitment to educational excellence characterized by quality, equity, and accountability. All students are given the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

The Martin Early Childhood Center serves 291 children in Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten with 17 classes including 9 full-day kindergartens, 6 Pre-Kindergarten, and 2 PPCD classrooms.

“ClickN READ was selected for use in the Martin Early Childhood Center to help our children take their first steps towards reading,” said Sharon Spann (Principal), Gena Thomas (Instructional Technology Coordinator), and Mike Roberts (Technology Director). “ClickN Read is a great online educational tool for beginning readers. We have been impressed by the depth of its teaching in phonetics and reading skills as well as its ease of use.”

About ClickN’ READ

Designed by ClickN’ KIDS Vice President of Curriculum Development, professor J. Ron Nelson, Ph.D., ClickN’ READ is the flagship product from ClickN’ KIDS and debuted in June 2004. ClickN’ READ simulates actual classroom instruction through 100 scientifically based online interactive, animated lessons and more than 10,000 extended learning opportunities for pre-K through 3rd grade students. ClickN’ READ is easy to use and requires no special training for parents, teachers or students. Children of all ages enjoy learning to read using this fun, interactive technology. Whether to a single student or millions of students, ClickN’ READ delivers curriculum perfectly every time and can be used through any standard web browser, resulting in a highly effective teaching and time saving tool for teachers and parents.

About ClickN’ KIDS

ClickN’ KIDS, mission is to become the foremost provider of engaging and highly interactive software and supplemental scientific research based curriculums, for use in an online deliverable format, to the educational community.

For more information contact ClickN’ KIDS toll free at 1-877-CLICK ABC, e-mail at info@clicknkids.com, or online at www.clicknkids.com

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