ClickN Tablet

ClickN KIDS Tablet takes “anytime, anywhere” to the next level.  Starting with ClickN READ Phonics followed by ClickN SPELL and then Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics we have been flying through the “clouds” (online delivery). Then we soared through app downloads on iTunes. Now, finally our own family tablet loaded with our multi-award winning Looney Tunes Phonics reading program along with over 30 more educational and fun programs for kids! How much? $99.95!  We want every child possible to have one.

This is just the beginning of a new generation of ClickN KIDS dedicated to empowering kids everywhere. There is no reason why children the world over cannot master basic subjects and start their lives full of self confidence. We are dedicated to nothing but that! is the first to have our tablet.

Let’s face it, children today (and their hard working, devoted parents) are bombarded with a never ending stream of decisions to make on how to spend their precious time and resources. The volume of content targeting all of us will probably never stop. This is why, in our marketing, we have always been careful to gently distinguish between “toys and tools.”  Toys tend to fill up time with enjoyment yet lack the depth and substance of actual research-based proven curriculum that ensure our children fly through school beaming with self esteem. The net effect of too many cool websites and electronic toys is kids have fun and fill up time yet don’t rise to the top of the charts with their test scores. With this tablet, we are admitting that our proven tools have just merged with the amazing fun play pattern of the tablet experience to create possibly the best in class product to educate AND entertain your children to ever come along. 

This tablet combines the same widely acclaimed Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics that is used in schools and homes in over 100 countries but with tons of new kid relevant content, and all for only $99.95!  And it’s not just a tablet for kids but powered with dual core processor and a Wi-Fi connection for mom and dad too. Available in 8 colors, our tablet also has a camera, stereo speakers, rugged matching gel case, 8GB or memory expandable to 32GB, the latest Android software, Music and video players and more. On top of that it includes additional content such as Talking Tom and Ginger, Diversion, Team Awesome, Smarty Pants and many, many more.