ClickN SPELL is a research-based spelling program for Pre-K through 5th grade that teaches the 800 most commonly used words in the English language. The program may also be used as an intervention curriculum for struggling spellers regardless of age or grade level.

Mastering this list of words has been proven to be very successful in mastering English. For example, the most commonly spoken 800 words are used 13 times more frequently than the next most common 800 words. ClickN SPELL therefore provides a solid foundation not just for spelling, but also for the English language in general.

Authored by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson, author of our award winning ClickN READ Phonics program, we guarantee to offer the most powerful teaching tool of its kind. The unique instructional design used in ClickN SPELL makes spelling more fun and more effective than ever before!

The Spelling Station – Learn New Spelling Words

All spelling lessons begin here. The onscreen teacher, “Cosmo Cat,” gently guides your child through interactive spelling instruction. Cosmo is your child’s personal one-on-one tutor! Children learn 8 new spelling words in each lesson. Each new spelling word is recited along with a short example sentence. For each new word, the child first copies the word and then must type each spelling word a second time without seeing the correct spelling of the word.

The Practice Pod – Practice The New Spelling Words

Next, your child is automatically taken to the practice pod where the 8 new words learned in the first exercise, the spelling station, are practiced. Each word is recited one at a time along with an example sentence. The child must then type the word without seeing the correct spelling of the word. Upon completion of typing all 8 words, the spelling typed by the child are compared to the correct spellings. The incorrect spellings are highlighted and a brief delay is provided for the child to study the correct spellings. Then any incorrect spelled words are recited again for the child to spell them a second time. This process continues until all 8 words have been spelled correctly.

The Testing Terrace – Pop Quizzes and Level Tests

Every 5th lesson a pop quiz is presented and at the end of each of the 5 word list levels a level test is presented. For the pop quiz, 10 words are randomly selected from the previous 5 lessons. For the level tests, 20 words are randomly selected from the entire current level. As in the practice pod, each word is recited along with an example sentence and the child spells each word without seeing the correct spelling. Upon completion of typing all words, the spellings are compared to correct spellings, incorrect spellings highlighted and then incorrect spelled words are recited again for the child to spell them a second time.

“I just can’t thank you enough for your program. My seven year old son has been struggling to read. We decided to look into testing for dyslexia – Due to the expense we decided to save for three months before scheduling the test. During that time we used your program. Well, I never had to schedule his test. My son is now reading thanks to your program. In fact, he won first prize in the Reading Rainbow young writer’s and illustrator contest locally. ClickN KIDS is a fantastic program. THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Linda Bebb, MI