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Agoura Hills, Calif. (August 23, 2005) – Following on the heels of a highly successful introduction to schools across the country, educational software publisher ClickN’ KIDS, Inc. CEO Armyn Carabet has set September 2005 for the launch of ClickN’ READ Phonics to the consumer marketplace.

ClickN’ READ Phonics is the only reading program that teaches like teachers do. It provides comprehensive assessment reports, in contrast to all other computer based reading programs that teach skills in isolation and do not follow the systematic approach of a live teacher,” said J. Ron Nelson, Ph.D., author of ClickN’ READ Phonics.

Because the program is completely online, ClickN’ READ Phonics is available for students and parents alike anytime, anywhere. No CD-ROM’s, audio cassettes, DVD’s or books are required. The software will never be out of date.  No Child Left Behind compliant, the ClickN’ READ Phonics methodology was derived from the National Reading Panel research on effective reading instruction to provide parents and teachers with an innovative tool for teaching reading and providing real-time early diagnosis of reading difficulties.

Originally introduced for use in the classroom, ClickN’ READ Phonics is now a reading system staple in nearly all 50 states. The program is yielding outstanding results with first-time readers as well as students limited by language comprehension (ESL), cochlear ear implants and autism. It works equally well for the middle and high school grade students with these and other special needs.

The ClickN’ READ Phonics curriculum includes 100 carefully sequenced online lessons that combine animation with interactive exercises to create a connection between phonemic awareness and alphabetic understanding that results in automatic decoding skills essential to read.  The program teaches everything from basic letter sounds and word blends to sight words, word families, prefixes, suffixes, sentence construction and short stories. The result is a comprehensive and personalized learning program that takes the parent-teacher-student relationship to unparalleled levels of reading achievement and growth.

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Heading the ClickN’ READ Phonics curriculum development team is J. Ron Nelson, Ph.D., whose prolific career in education spans nearly two decades. He is distinguished by numerous nationally recognized research projects, over 150 published papers and two books.  Nelson has also authored literacy programs that are used by schools nationwide.  He is the recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Initial Career Research Award by the Council for Exceptional Children (2000).

ClickN’ READ Phonics  features four primary learning environments, these are:  The Letter/Sound Chamber, where all new letters, letter combinations and their corresponding sounds are introduced; The Listening Cube, where children learn the beginning, middle and ending letter sounds in words as well as word blends; The Reading Room, where the more complex exercises take place, such as reading sentences, sight words, spelling, suffixes and prefixes, sentence construction and the “silent e rule”; The Speed Chamber, where all letter sounds and words taught thus far are reviewed and tested for student comprehension and parent assessment.  Together, the Letter/Sound Chamber, Listening Cube, Reading Room and Speed Chamber simulate the teacher-student relationship, providing children and ESL students the decoding skills required to master reading.

ClickN’ READ Phonics provides the Individual Lesson Report, which enables the student’s daily progress to be monitored. The Cumulative Report, which monitors progress over time to determine the full scope of the child’s success, is generated after each of the 100 lessons.

ClickN’ READ Phonics is a significant milestone in independent learning and a breakthrough Beginning Reading Program. Utilizing the most current online technologies, ClickN’ READ Phonics fulfills the promise of the personal computer as an effective personalized learning tool for children and a real-time assessment tracking system for teachers and parents.  With ClickN’ READ Phonics, all that is required is an internet connection and families can immediately benefit from a reading solution unlike any other,” said Mr. Carabet.

ClickN’ READ Phonics is designed to ensure that all children receive the opportunity to learn to read in a nurturing, interactive environment that is customized to the skills of each child,” said Dr. Nelson.


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