ClickN KIDS Announces The First and Only Phonics Program That Is Guaranteed To Teach Your Child To Read

• April 5, 2007 • Comments (0)

LOS ANGELES — (April 5, 2007) — ClickN’ KIDS, Inc., publishers of ClickN’ READ Phonics, an online delivered phonics software system, made history today by becoming the first and only education company to guarantee reading success. ClickN’ READ Phonics has proven to be so successful, that they now Guarantee That Your Child Will Learn to Read or Your Money Back.

“This is a straightforward guarantee, no tricks or gimmicks”, states President, Alan Scalone.  “Just complete the 100 ClickN’ READ Phonics lessons and if the customer tells us that their child did not master reading, we will refund 100% of their money. It’s that simple. This guarantee applies to anyone; beginning readers, struggling readers, those with learning disabilities and even adults using the program to learn English as a second language.”

In less than 2 years after launching ClickN’ READ Phonics, the program has already been used in over 1,000 USA schools and thousands of homes in over 100 countries!

Television advertising along with their highly successful affiliate and internet marketing campaigns have put ClickN’ KIDS on the map. Schools, home schoolers and parents in the USA and around the world validate this success. But, “It is the unique patent pending instructional design created by a team of technology experts along with nationally recognized professor, Dr, J. Ron Nelson, that has allowed ClickN’ READ Phonics  to become The New Household Name in Phonics Instruction®,” added Scalone.

“Our goal is to make ClickN’ KIDS an even more significant force in the education sector,” states Armie Carabet, CEO. “Reading is the most critical of all subject matters. Gaining the reputation as the best in the business will allow us to successfully add other high quality curriculums to our product offerings.”

A top priority for ClickN’ KIDS is creating partnerships to help narrow the digital divide by teaching children to read. To work toward that goal, ClickN’ KIDS regularly donates free accounts to children’s hospitals, schools and low income families. The company plans to work with educational foundations to further facilitate this aspect of the company.

About ClickN KIDS:
ClickN’ KIDS uses breakthrough technology to create educational software for children Pre-K through 3rd grade as well as those with learning disabilities. ClickN’ READ Phonics is the only computer based reading program that simulates classroom instruction.

Designed by nationally recognized professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson, ClickN’ READ Phonics is for both school and home use. The patent pending technology is unique in its instructional design and offers 100 online research based interactive phonics lessons that simulate live instruction and provide comprehensive assessment reports.

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