ClickN KIDS exists to empower young children everywhere in the world by making sure they get a superior education in their early years.

When we started ClickN KIDS in 2003 our goal was to create a new generation of technology based learning tools to empower kids to master the basics, at their own pace, and at prices everyone can afford. At our headquarters in Los Angeles, we assembled the best in research-based education, technology, animation entertainment and brand marketing, and got busy!

Choosing the platform

The first challenge was picking the right technology platform, one that would spare us the risks of obsolescence from the never ending evolution of technology.  Some competitors were still selling CDs and flash cards in Best Buy or Costco, while others were building apps that could be downloaded to personal computers. A few were starting to invest in development to move their products to the web for online delivery. We took a calculated risk and placed our money on the “clouds.” The rest is history. Now we are flying.

It was simple to adapt to the iTunes store by quickly converting our programs to apps, and recently when opportunities began opening for a branded ClickN KIDS Tablet the process was effortless.

Who did we want to serve? 

The vision from day one was to be a viable solution for parents as well as schools. The early grades are the most at risk and more and more parents are both working with growing numbers raising their children as single parents.

We did not start out riding a wave of app development for smartphones and tablets but with the tough, self-imposed purpose to solve the problems in schools that were causing the dangerous rise in illiteracy in the U.S. and abroad.  The “three R’s” of reading, writing and arithmetic was fast becoming a national enigma for K-3.

In 2003 we sat down with our advisors and confronted the sobering statistics that 30% of children fall behind by the time they’ve finished the 3rd grade and 40% of high school graduates read at 4th grade level with few ever catching up. Those realities drove our innovation.

At that time we set these criteria for our product design:

  • Instruction had to be delivered in a way that kids love so they’ll be motivated
  • It could not be one size fits all but teach each child at their own pace and give constant personalized feedback
  • It had to be more than an entertaining game, but real curriculum, the equivalent of having a personal tutor for every child
  • Lessons had to correlate to what is being taught in schools.
  • The programs had to have accountability so we built the industry’s best progress reporting tools that allow for parents or teachers to easily track success rates and usage

Because we use “cloud computing,” our tools can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on your computer or mobile device.

Want to get in touch with us?   We look forward to it.

Armie Carabet, CEO and C-founder

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